Everyone loves a great party. There’s laughter, great food, great music and most likely…alcohol. Those components usually add up to a good time-unless you’re in recovery, then it’s a tightrope.  What if it’s not even your party?  What if a roommate threw the party?  What if you’re the only one at the party who’s trying to stay sober?  Okay, let’s scale that back a bit as we’re not talking about the kind of party where a couch ends up on the front lawn with people sleeping on it, but maybe it’s a cookout with friends after work on a Friday night.  Same great food, lots of laughs, Aerosmith and Walk the Moon are blasting on the speakers, and oh yeah-you’re the only who’s trying to stay sober…again.

The largest portion of your life is spent where you live and if you have roommates who either don’t respect your sobriety or don’t understand it, then it’s time for a change.  Notice I didn’t say it’s time to make a decision-there is no decision to make.  Your sobriety comes first, period.  It is common sense that if you are around people who are drinking and getting high, you will be tempted to use again and thoroughly understanding that will be the difference between staying sober and having a relapse. Identifying past triggers and having a written plan to deal with them as they come up should have been part of the tools discussed in the rehab, detox or out-patient process.  As you enter into the recovery phase of your life, seeking out a sober living arrangement will be the number one priority.  Counselors at your treatment center or detox may have some suggestions of a sober living residence nearby, but there is also a growing number of online resources aimed at helping those in recovery to find sober roommates.  A couple of those resources are listed here:

An ideal living situation is to have roommates that are committed to living a sober lifestyle and supporting your efforts to do the same.  The bonds that are created by the shared experience can be a powerful after-tool when trying to navigate a sober landscape.

Stay committed and stay hopeful,





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