The Archway Difference

Residents must…

  • Regularly participate in a 12 step recovery program
  • Be actively sponsored
  • Be working while residing at Archway House
  • Have a valid driver’s license and may have their own vehicle while residing at Archway House

A Supportive Residential Environment

At Archway House, we understand that the road to recovery must be a priority and requires constant action as well as personal vigilance.  Our home provides an independent environment in which residents commit to appropriate levels of accountability and most importantly, Archway House offers the supportive environment of a home that is owned and operated by sober men for other sober men.

  • Sunday family dinners provided by the owner.
  • Step work completion support
  • Meeting attendance verification
  • Random drug testing
  • Weekly House Meetings



The Founder of Archway House

Charlie Smith is a long term Conejo Valley Resident and the founder of Archway House.  He is a business owner and entrepreneur and is a former addict and recovering alcoholic, having gotten sober in 2008.

Charlie has also helped to start the Recovery House, a recovery program for sober students at Fairfield University in Connecticut where he graduated in 1988. 

The Collegiate Recovery Program at Fairfield University is now in it’s fifth year and has become a widely known success story and other campuses have taken notice.

Archway House is a sober living residence located in Thousand Oaks, California.  It is not a treatment center or sober house and is not affiliated in any way with any treatment facility.

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