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Charlie Smith is the owner and founder of Archway House. He is a recovery advocate and co-founder of the Executive Recovery Program alongside Dr. Paul Hersh.

Charlie has over twenty-five years of experience as a commercial real estate developer, entrepreneur, and business owner. He is an elite business coach and consultant to some of Southern California’s most successful businesses.

Charlie grew up in Southern Maine and was the victim of violent childhood abuse at the hands of his father. The trauma he suffered eventually led him down the road of addiction and alcoholism.

Sober since 2008, Charlie has dedicated his life to helping others get on the road to recovery as well as reaching out to those in early recovery through his public speaking, podcasts, and online presence.


The Collegiate Recovery Program

As a 1988 graduate of Fairfield University in Connecticut, Charlie knows first-hand how negative feelings of self-worth can spiral into drug and alcohol abuse.

Since it’s inception, Charlie is proud to help fund the Collegiate Recovery Program at Fairfield University.  This program provides a sober living environment for students trying to maintain their sobriety and has become a model for other Universities.

Helping students to identify the negative feelings they may experience and to take positive action rather than self medicate with drugs or alcohol is bolstered by having a living arrangement that is free from drugs and alcohol.

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