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The Executive Transformation Program

Core belief transformation for Executive Men

Be prepared to transform not only your life but your whole belief system from top to bottom. This is a system that has been developed by leaders with over thirty years of combined experience with recovery. Topics included are:

  • Mindset and Mental Conditioning- “What we put in our mind is in there”
  • Establishing Healthy Core Beliefs “I am who I think I am”
  • Defining and Creating Core Values and Guiding Principles.
  • Behavior Based Living “Is what I want Consistent with what I do”
  • Building Self Esteem

A Proven Plan for Behavior Based Living

Meet Our Industry Leaders

Charlie Smith

Charlie Smith is the owner and founder of Archway House, a residential sober living home located in Newbury Park. He is also a victim of childhood trauma who regularly speaks about his alcoholism and addiction and his journey into recovery.

Paul Hersh Psy.D.

Paul Hersh is one of the leading and most sought after therapists in Ventura County, California.  For the past 25 years, he has been an addiction and life enhancement specialist.

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